Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Traveling and Crochet - My Little Etsy Shop.

hats, gloves, mittens, accessories, handmadeI have been a little slow on the blogging front. I have been in Nice and now in Lyon and have rarely left my room to go sightseeing and have anything to blog about. So here is my explanation of sorts.  I have been studying hard at my French and working on starting up a little woolly hat making business on Etsy called KnottedRose.

Starting an Etsy shop selling crochet accessories was an idea i had back in 2011, but dismissed the idea, as i would have to put too many hours into it and get very little out. But i have come back to this idea now, because my circumstances and experiences have changed. This is almost the perfect little side line for me, now i am traveling/working intermittently. In the long term i don't think that crocheting hats and gloves is some thing that i could live off forever, but its a stepping stone to my larger goals for the future. I will get experience running my own little business, and hopefully make a bit of money to keep me traveling longer.

Crazy ideas come from crazy people and i know that this one is up there. Somebody in a hostel did try to persuade me that this is the wrong time, because i am traveling and my head is all over the place. I personal could not think that he is more wrong. This is the perfect time for me to do this, because starting a business like this, or any other requires time and effort. When would i ever get 6 weeks down time in a normal life, to do the ground work that i need do. I have never tried to start any type of business before, so everything is new to me. And i personally can't think of a better challenge than starting a woolly hats business in the European spring/summer, when traveling and looking for little side jobs. But in away this suits me.

Anyway, i still want to keep this blog as it keeps me focused on enjoying my travels, even when i am distracted by other things. And the thought i might be missing out on Lyon is just horrible, so i pledge to do some Lyon research when the weather is bad and go visit when he rain stops.




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