Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ski day in Les Houches

Woke up to beautiful sunny weather this morning, it does not get much better than this for a ski day.

We went up the Bellevue Telephethique first thing in the morning. Then spent the day running the more gentle blue runs up on the Les Houches Domaine.

For lunch we stopped at one of my fravorite restaurants La Cha.

La Cha is a self service restaurant at the bottom of the La Cha ski lift. The restaurant is small family run restaurants, with fantastic views, if you are luckily enough to get on of the few upstairs window seats. The interior of the restaurant is done out in a traditional/modern chalet style and borders on cute. The food is self service and always really good. I tend not to eat meat, and there has always been a veggie option, today it was ratatouille and spaghetti. There is also a good selection of salads and a amazing selection of desserts.

Oh they also have the best toilets on the piste.

In the afternoon we stopped at ..... which is at the bottom of the Vos la Coza lift. I have never stopped here before, because it have either been closed or i have just ski passed. We ordered hot chocolate and KitKats, the hot chocolate was nothing special, nor was the restaurant.

Overall an amazing day, i am so lucky to be staying in such an amazing place.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pirates Booty

Melt the cheese in a oven and then dip bread

One of the great things about living/working in France and cleaning up after wealthy guests is that they leave loads for great food. Today we found olives, cheese, olive paste and plenty of bottles of good red wine, all unopened. This made for a great post work picnic. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The View Tonight of the Aigruille du Midi

Had to get my camera out when i saw The Aigruille du Midi tonight. This sunset is just amazing. I took this photo from Les Houches, France.


Welcome to the world of Girl must eat...

I am a long time traveller, who loves mountains, coasts,cities, eating, out doors, sight seeing and, adventure.

Les Houches, Parrion, Chamonix
This blog has been long time coming. I spend my life travelling, eating out and talking about where i have just been. Again and again i am asked, "why don't you write about this? You obviously have a passion of it". So i am.

Skiing and and hiking to restaurants in the mountains, has to be the best day out i can imagine. I am currently lucky enough to have a job in the French Alps for the winter. So i am making the most of my time here, skiing when i can and taking in a lot of the local cheese dishes.

In this blog i am intending to blog about all of my travel adventures, where ever they may be, whether it is a bite to eat at a local restaurant, apres ski, museums, live music, working or a day out in the mountains.

This is actually my second blog. My other blog KnottedRose, is dedicated to making my own stuff, where i am currently knitting. I love my other blog and hope to love this blog just as much.

So welcome, and enjoy my life along with me.