Saturday, February 16, 2013


Welcome to the world of Girl must eat...

I am a long time traveller, who loves mountains, coasts,cities, eating, out doors, sight seeing and, adventure.

Les Houches, Parrion, Chamonix
This blog has been long time coming. I spend my life travelling, eating out and talking about where i have just been. Again and again i am asked, "why don't you write about this? You obviously have a passion of it". So i am.

Skiing and and hiking to restaurants in the mountains, has to be the best day out i can imagine. I am currently lucky enough to have a job in the French Alps for the winter. So i am making the most of my time here, skiing when i can and taking in a lot of the local cheese dishes.

In this blog i am intending to blog about all of my travel adventures, where ever they may be, whether it is a bite to eat at a local restaurant, apres ski, museums, live music, working or a day out in the mountains.

This is actually my second blog. My other blog KnottedRose, is dedicated to making my own stuff, where i am currently knitting. I love my other blog and hope to love this blog just as much.

So welcome, and enjoy my life along with me.

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