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The only way i can describe my self is, is someone who just got stuck in the gap year part of life. I did school, uni and a gap year, but then i just seemed to keep having more and more gap years. Until i realised that normal, 9-5 life was just not for me and i should just make my life a permanent gap year.

So i decided to leave my last attempt of a settled life in my home town in Shropshire, England in November 2012 and find an adventure and a living doing what ever i can.

My first stop is Chamonix in France. I chose here because i realised that if i wanted to leave the UK and go straight into employment, in the winter, a ski resort was my best chance. I had never skied before and this had adventure written all over it. It has totally lived up to all expectations.

So i am making the most of my time here in Chamonix, skiing when i can and taking in a lot of the local cheese dishes. Soon i shall be looking for my next adventure, whatever, wherever that may be.

So in this blog i am intending to blog about all of my travel adventures, where ever they may be, whether it is a bite to eat at a local restaurant, apres ski, museums, live music, working or a day out in the mountains.

This is actually my second blog. My other blog KnottedRose, is dedicated to making my own stuff, where i am currently knitting. It's another passion of mine, but i want to keep these blogs separate.  I love my KnottedRose blog so much and hope to love this blog just as much.

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