Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moving on so soon!

I can't believe that these months have passed by so quickly, i have worked hard and saved hard and now the season has come to an end. My boss has sold the Loch Leven Hotel and i am leaving along with her, with my last day being at the beginning on October. Its has generally been a good experience, with at least some of my faith being restored in the British hotel industry. Thank You.

The last post i wrote was about arriving in Loch Leven, with internet being completely dodgy in this part of the world i gave up on trying to post on my blog and Facebook etc. But now i am planning a short stay at my parents (who have hardly seen me in the last year), where i can rest and catch up on my internet life, which has been pretty much neglected over the last 4 months, and post some of the couple of thousand pictures of the Scottish Highlands and lochs i have taken.

So my next adventure is going to take me to who knows where next, but i do know that i am leaving the shores of Loch Leven soon. Already i am already excited about my next adventure, i can't wait to see what happens next. 

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