Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Arriving on the shores of Loch Leven

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It is a new start for me. I have now arrived in Scotland, where i am working for a hotel on Loch Leven. I plan to stay here for the summer, whilst i save some more money for my next adventure, whatever that shall be. I am really looking forward to getting to know this part of the world better. 

The hotel i am working at is crazy, crazy busy. Which is a good and bad thing. Its good that i will be able to  earn and save loads of money, but it is bad for traveling and blogging side of me. I am working split shifts, so i am going to be relying on my days off for getting around. I have gotten so lazy recently with my ridiculously easy job in Chamonix and then just 3 hours a day of study in Lyon. 

There is an old bike in an out house of the hotel, that i am hoping i can get fixed up, then i will be able to go on amazing bike rides along the lochs. Despite the hills this part of the world is perfect for cycling, because loads of the roads are reasonably flat and run along side the lochs and valleys. I am wondering if i can make it all the way to Fort William and back in a day. Its been awhile since i have done any cycling, so we'll see. 

Anyway here are some photos i took on my first day. 

Travel Scotland

Travel Scotland

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