Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Future Plans - Scotland

Scotland, Skye

So the time has nearly come for me to pack away my French books and head somewhere new. Its been a fun two months in Lyon learning French, but city living has left my bank account nearly empty. 

I've applied for some 'live-in' hotel work and was lucky enough to land a job quite quickly. The job i landed first was in Scotland, close to Fort William. I love Scotland, especially the highlands, so i instantly accepted the job. I have only been to Fort William once, a couple of years ago, when i climbed Ben Nevis. I did not really get see much more than Ben Nevis and the town, so i am looking forward a summer of being able to explore more of Western Scotland.

The only downside to me working in Scotland is i am unlikely to see a good summer. I missed out on summer last year, because the jet stream lost its way over the British Isles, i then headed to a ski resort for the winter, and spring has still yet to appear over France (jet stream again). It was only after i accepted the job that i realised i won't see a proper summer again until at least 2014, when i intend to chase the sun to wherever it may be hiding.

I have purchased a book on Amazon, that should be waiting for me when i visit my English home on the way to my new job. I am hoping it will be able to teach me how to use my new camera and take better photos. I really can't think of anywhere better, to try to teach yourself photography than the Scottish Highlands. So from next week, this blog should get chocked full of photos of mountains and lochs, and i can't wait. 

Ben Nevis, Scotland, Scottish Highlands

Ben Nevis, Scotland, Scottish Highlands

Ben Nevis, Scotland, Scottish Highlands

Ben Nevis, Scotland, Scottish Highlands


  1. Exciting news - congratulations. I can't wait to hear all about your job and your adventures in Scotland.